Mask Up!

February 15, 2021

Performed by Eddy & Kit Mannerhausen
Written & Produced by The Drama Ladies
Video Created by MM Lawrence
Instrumental Mix by Bart Migal

Taking care of others is everyone’s job. Eddy & Kit want to remind us all to do our part to help stop the spread of Covid 19 by wearing a mask. When you wear your mask with me, you’re showin’ R-E-S-P-E-C-T. (check out the full music video on their YouTube channel.

A Mannerhausen Fireside Chat for the Holidaze

January 1, 2021

The holidays looked and felt different this year.

Still, there were ways to discover and share lots of cheer.
Instead of “bah humbug!” or being crabby and blue,
We breathed into the moment and tried something new!

Eddy and Kit loved sharing their storytelling tradition with you.

So we put on our jammies, grabbed a blanket, got cozy.

Sat ‘round their fire. They warmed hearts ‘n cold toesies.
They cozied up and connected with us for A Mannerhausen Fireside Chat.

This Holiday Season we were safely together, and darling..that’s where it’s at!

Missed the chat? No worries! You can tune into their full episode on their Mannerhausen YouTube channel.

Stuck inside? Need some cheer? Eddy and Kit are here! Mannerhausens In the House Covid-19 PSAs for Kids.

November 2, 2020

The Corona Virus has created new daily challenges and rapid life changes for families across the globe. Eddy and Kit aim to help kids and families navigate the uncertainty of this new social landscape by addressing Covid-19 with their YouTube PSA trio “Mannerhausens In the House.”

Written, Produced & Performed by: Leah Gerstel & Megan MacKenzie Lawrence, The Drama Ladies

That’s Jamestown, Folks!

March 19, 2020

Check out our Jamestown, NY adventure below where our musicale, OH BEHAVE!! with The Mannerhausens, headlined kids comedy at the National Comedy Center’s Lucyfest! What an honor! See what happens when we’re on the loose, and get a sneak peek inside the National Comedy Center. The NCC was recently voted “Best New Museum” in the country by USA TODAY! You must visit! We had a blast and made hundreds of new friends. Eddy & Kit Mannerhausen thoroughly enjoyed sharing their message of manners and kindness with the good people of Jamestown, NY.

Lucille Ball Comedy Fest was a hit!

September 24, 2019

We had a rip roaring good time at the 2019 Annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.  We had close to 500 kids and parents come out to see “Oh Behave! with The Mannerhausens!” The historic Reg Lenna Performing Arts Center was a treat to perform in, and was a bit of a homecoming for Leah.

During our stay in Jamestown, we had an amazing amount of local support from the Jr. Guilders, and the National Comedy Center were perfectly gracious hosts.


Our press was great.  We brought along Eddy & Kit for their very first radio interview.  They managed to coax the host into singing a Mannerhausen tune with them.  (Listen to the interview below. The Mannerhausens come in about 10 minutes into the interview.)

Before we said goodbye to our new and long time friends, we teamed up with Kranky Plate Productions to create a super fun peek into Eddy & Kit’s adventure filled week in Jamestown.  They clearly had a ball, and can’t wait to share it with you all!


Upcoming Album News:   We’re midway through recording our “Oh Behave!” album.  We’ll be releasing it in 2020!

OH BEHAVE!! Hits the National Comedy Festival

May 17, 2019


The Mannerhausens are hitting the road in August to honor the queen of comedy herself at the annual National Comedy Center’s Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in Jamestown, NY.  We’ll be the exclusive family offering for this year’s fest! Click here for more show info!

After that, we’ll be Do Be Do(ing) bits of our show in Crocheron Park for the NYC Parks Family Event Series August 22nd!

And finally…….Stay tuned for our Mannerhausen album coming soooon!


OH BEHAVE!! is a hit!

August 30, 2018

Catch a sneak peek of our live show “OH BEHAVE!! with The Mannerhausens” and see what fans are raving about!  OH BEHAVE!! with The Mannerhausens trailer

Silly Frames

The Mannerhausens live onstage!

July 17, 2018

A little over a year ago, my creative partner’s good friend, Chad Swan-Badgero, asked us to bring The Mannerhausens to his theater company, Peppermint Creek Theater Company in Lansing, MI as a way to connect his theater with families in the community.  We said, “Of course.”  Neither of us had ever written a play before, much less produced one.  I’m pleased to report that not only did we write a show, we designed, built, produced, directed, choreographed and starred in our first musical “OH BEHAVE!! with The Mannerhausens”.  We had an amazing creative team helping us give birth to this labor of love!  We’ve got all new songs, new material, beautiful set designs, and a killer soundtrack now.  We were able to get it in front of a few hundred happy elementary school kids in Michigan, and now family audiences in 2 different venues. We’ve been having such an amazing response to our show, that it’s truly been an honor to be able to share it with so many. We’re definitely looking to bring our show to  other theaters asap.  The next big step for us is to crowd fund to bring The Mannerhausens to a wider audience via the internet and beyond.  Check out some of our production shots below by Michigan photographer, Marvin Hall. Also below: scenic art by Ksenya Wooster and family character portraits of Great Granny Fum and Uncle Oren by Gil Franco.







And now from Britain come Eddy & Kit!

August 25, 2017

Mannerhausens Headshot2 Vertical

We’re The Mannerhausens!  Edelaide Zenobia Mannerhausen & Katerina Eugenia Mannerhausen.  But if we’ve tied your tongue in knots, you may call us Eddy & Kit!


Almost a year ago, The Drama Ladies branched out on their own and introduced  Eddy & Kit Mannerhausen to New York City.  So much has happened since!  We are now:

  • Creating programming for schools in New York City and Michigan.
  • Writing a show for the Peppermint Creek Theater in Lansing, Michigan premiering in May 2018.  We’ll be the theater company’s first show for young audiences ever.
  • Creating video content for the web.
  • Rocking an awesome logo created by graphic design artist Erin Tyler. (see below)


  • Dancing to a kick-ass theme song written, produced, and performed by Amanda Droste, Bart Migal and The Drama Ladies.

Click here to head to our website for a listen! (scroll down to the bottom of the home page.)

  • Developing a huge project that I have to keep a lid on until further notice.  Let’s just say it could introduce The Mannerhausens to a national audience.  And to be perfectly candid, we all need “a reminder to be kinder” now more than ever!


I’m very proud of what we’ve created so far, and I am excited to share the upcoming work that’s currently being developed.  Leah and I have got such an incredible team of artists and early childhood specialists helping us bring this to life.  We couldn’t be more inspired by their work and grateful for their talents.  You can check them out on our newly revamped website  on the “Creative Team” page.

Playing Sick: How Actors are Making Better Doctors (Village Voice Cover Story) by Elizabeth Zimmer

August 31, 2016

Playing Sick: How Actors Are Making Better Doctors

Heller and Heller

My good friend Elizabeth Zimmer has written a wonderful article making the case for the importance of Standardized Patient work.  A job that I have held since 2005.  It’s personally made me a better communicator and actor, and I consider it an invaluable part of a medical student’s training.  Click here to check it out!